Your Perception Adjusts Your Reflection

girl-107163_150 Many of us struggle with the reflection in the mirror, especially when the mirror refuses to display the size body we have in mind as perfect for us. This seeing other than what we want to see chips away at our happiness level and thus eventually affects our health.

So, how do we alter the cycle of seeing, feeling and being affected by our reflection in the mirror? We begin by understanding that we are responsible for everything we create, whether or not we understand how we created what we see. Ownership of our creative power allows us to recreate our external reflections without emotional attachment or physical detriment to what we see in the mirror. We are not the reflection in the mirror but are merely using our own power of manifestation to see whatever reflection we put in the mirror!

The reflection in the mirror is the exact formation of what you perceive yourself to be in this moment. This is so because perception is more powerful than your mind. In order to see and create the slim, happy, healthy person that you want to see, you have to remove the thoughts, beliefs, and emotions of each previous negative viewing. Each haphazard string of words you have uttered, such as, “I hate my thighs,” “God, I feel so fat today,” “I look so bloated,” “Do these clothes make me look fat?” and, “I wish I could lose weight” affect your perception and therefore your reality. Right after uttering or mindfully lingering on these thoughts, you can notice your vibration drops. Continue reading

Guidance to Rewrite Your Life-Story

Well, it is another day of sun and action here in Florida, I have not been up to par physically because for the first time in five years I am under the weather with bronchitis issues. I am not going to let that stop me though and I did enjoy an evening out with some friends at the local Ritz Carlton.

Tanya and AvalonGoing out in the evening is not a regular occurrence as most of my past years have been dedicated to my role as a single mother and as an author. My youngest is now twelve and has moved into some interests and friendships that do not require the immediate attendance of a mother although I am never far from access. But because of this new shift in attendance I have cultivated a desire to go out and relax in a social environment with friends my own age.

So I would say I am in a form of social transformation and if secrets are revealed it is a long over due one. I am looking forward to going out more and meeting people just for the fun of it. But in order to do that I have to shift out of my old negative stories and behaviors.

social-200286_150So what are some of those stories that my particular circumstances would have to rewrite. Well the story that as a single mother I don’t have time for a social life. Or the story that it is irresponsible to go out when you have children that need your attention at home. These stories that I told myself limited my social life and also kept me out of some social environments that are healthy, such as the gym. You see once you dedicate yourself to only playing the role of mother to the exclusion of everything else you limit your own life and do not send an empowering message to your children. Continue reading

Stand Your Vibrational Ground!

stairs-70509_150 It is hard to receive guidance from spirit if we do not stand our vibrational ground! We are our own worst enemy when it comes to getting off track with living our purpose in life.

I recently experienced a re-encounter, that I share in a moment that will clarify what this means. In fact I had two experiences one that was over in a weekend and one that dragged on for months, both were a test to me standing my vibrational ground.

But first lets take a look at the nuance behind how we attain a new vibrational level. We move up in vibrational frequency as we let go of non-serving content in our life and we embrace, move and embody what it is that harmonizes with our purpose for being.

Now both of those criteria are different for each person and so we cannot simply and say, if you do as I do, you will also feel like you are living your purpose. The key to living our purpose is really in how we vision our life at its greatest manifestation and stay on target until we look up and it is now our manifest reality. Continue reading

Guidance From Spirit Needs a Clear Perception

spiritualawakeningWithin everyone of us is a core spiritual essence. Emanating from this core essence  come the vibrations of light energy at a divine frequency of love. They continually move into our personal energy-field that holds us in human form. Any shift in perception alters the quota of divine light energy that we receive. It is this light energy that when embodied alters the vibration of our energy field and then the density of our physical form.

Once these rays of light appear within the denser energy of matter they are felt as subtle vibrations and they create change. These rays of light-energy, are brought into this realm of matter by us. Yes, we draw the light from this higher conscious state into our everyday life, through our perception and out to form the material stuff we see before us.

Because the end-state of projected light is slower it seems to take on form. But in reality our
physical content is still the vibrating particles of light that we project from our perception.
Because these rays are pure life source the resulting vibrations are the builder blocks of
our reality. We all emanate from the life source of the Creator and can and do change who
we are and what we experience. In-fact every cell in our body is renewed every seven years. Continue reading

Change Your Signature-Vibration to Transform Life!

fraser-62134_150Have you ever at some point in life hit a plateau, a place where you become stuck, maybe in regards to your career, lifestyle improvement or even in renewing the quality of your relationships?  I used to feel uncomfortable when I found myself at the place of not moving, gaining, achieving, doing etc….because I took it as a sign that I could not move forward. To say I misread the moment is an understatement and it wasn’t until I just simply pondered the purpose of a life plateau that I saw the real beauty within that place.

Think how many times you hear of someone working to lose weight and they suddenly stop doing so. Or someone who wants to find a particular life partner and they date and date and then they stop because they seem to be meeting the same type of person on each of those dates. Or maybe you have even wondered why you are not offered the career promotion time and time again. To explain the reason a life plateau occurs lets look at a person’s signature-vibration.quill-175980_150

Our signature-vibration is the culmination of our life experiences and who we are in the moment.  Any change we make alters our vibration and causes a transformation to our signature vibration. Think of our signature-energy-vibration as a large oval bubble that surrounds us; all our worldly presence is contained in it. Our habits, thoughts, emotions, characteristics, perceived limits and the amount of our spiritual light, form its congruence. Continue reading

Friday Lifestyle

sign-47200_150Hello and welcome to my Friday, for many people Friday means no work until Monday and yet there are others who treat the weekend as just another day, A day in which they can choose to work or choose to play. Most often when we have a choice to work or play we actually choose to be productive.

I have many self-employed internetpreneur friends and it seems that many of us do not consider Friday a day to exit our work but Friday may be a day to plan and achieve the completion of a project that furthers our goals. We collaborate, meet up exchange ideas and generally support each other to grow our business.


We live a different lifestyle and while we may look as if we are working all the time   it is a different kind of work because when you truly love what  you do, you do not want to live life not doing what you do, and so, your days are filled but they are filled with projects that just make you happy to do them.


Continue reading

Coffee and Toast!

coffee-155157_150Here I am with my coffee and toast, at the computer after deciding to hibernate yesterday due to the chilly windy weather we had. I was called a sissy and a baby because I choose to do what I wanted and stay in the warmth of my house.

My choice to act was based on my confidence to be who I am in any given moment, so while the words came that were supposed to make me feel bad for staying home, I honestly did not. I admit after living in England and Ireland I have become a Floridian at heart and love the warmth of the sun and brightness of the days. Yes, I am one of those people who are comfortable at any temperature above 75 degrees.


I am also blessed to be in a position to make that choice because for years I worked two jobs, often starting at 6.00 am and not finishing until 11.00 pm.  But today, even though I may  still work long hours I have more freedom and immense joy when doing so, because those hours are an investment in building a business while providing courses and books that help people transform their own life.

So even if i make a decision to hibernate for a day you can be sure that I am putting every minute I have, to a productive advantage. I hope where-ever you are, that you too have the confidence and freedom to make choices and not be affected by any comments that come your way!